Leah Calvert's Custody Battle With Corey Simms Finally Comes to an End

Leah Calvert and daughters

After months and months of wondering whether or not she was going to lose her girls, Leah Calvert and Corey Simms' custody battle is finally over, and now she can at least breathe a small sigh of relief. RadarOnline is reporting that Leah and Corey went to court on December 8 and had a "very amicable hearing," ending with the judge ruling that they will share custody of the twins and abide by a shared parenting plan.


As it stands now, Leah will have the girls four nights per week, while Corey and his wife Miranda will take them three nights per week.

As far as dealing with Ali's medical situation, Corey's lawyer, Rusty Webb, says, "There will be a shared responsibility to get her to and from appointments. Both parents will be present for therapy visits.

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Webb also added that both Corey and Leah are very happy with the way things turned out and are also "getting along" at the present time.

Whew. Given how much turmoil Leah has endured over the past few weeks, it's about time she saw a little bit of a light at the end of the tunnel! It's very possible that a lot of the reason things started going south in her life in a hurry was due to all of the stress she was feeling over the possibility of Corey getting full custody of the twins. I'm sure she's sleeping much more soundly at night knowing they are still going to remain a very big part of her life.

Hopefully now that she has some peace of mind, things will start looking up for Leah in other ways as well. But if nothing else, at least she knows she has her precious little girls who love and adore her at home with her most of the week.

Are you happy with the way the custody battle turned out?


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