Leah Calvert's Cheating Scandal Just Went From Bad to Worse

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Oh, man. As far as the whole Leah Calvert and Jeremy Calvert relationship drama goes, things just got a whole hell of a lot more interesting, because RadarOnline is reporting that Jeremy actually has proof that Leah cheated on him with Robbie Kidd! Yep! Did you hear that? Proof, people! An insider even says, "He [Jeremy] regrets lashing out on Twitter about it, but he wouldn't have done that if he didn't know for sure."


The source also adds, "He wants to show people the truth, but everyone is telling him to lay low right now."

And since supposedly Jeremy's family is forbidding him from divorcing Leah, I guess it's really no wonder that he's sitting on whatever evidence he has for the time being. I'm sure the last thing he wants is for that information to be released before the time is right, so maybe he's hoping the fam will come around before he lets the cat out of the bag?

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Of course, this is assuming that this report is true, and that a.) Leah really did cheat in the first place, and b.) that Jeremy has legitimate proof of said (alleged) cheating.

But what if this new rumor is accurate, and Jeremy has a valid reason to believe Leah was unfaithful to him? Ugh. I'm not sure who we should feel worse for ... him or her. I mean, on the one hand, it totally sucks if she strayed from the marriage, but even if she did, Jeremy hasn't exactly been calm or mature in how he's handled the allegations. Considering how badly he flew off the handle when the cheating claims initially came out, we can only begin to imagine how ruthless he'll be if he throws the "evidence" back in Leah's face.

(It ain't gonna be pretty.)

Do you think Jeremy really has proof that Leah cheated?


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