Mama June Warns the World About Sugar Bear

Mama June

So here's the latest in this mess that Mama June created for herself and her family. As you probably remember, Mama June accused Sugar Bear of cheating and being a big "player" BEFORE the details of her affair with accused child molester Mark McDaniel came to light, when we might have felt a little sympathy for her. But she hasn't stopped since -- and now she's going after him with even more gusto. TMZ reports that Mama June has the nerve to complain on Facebook about Sugar Bear going on Snapchat to pick up girls while she takes all the heat.


How does Mama June know he's on Snapchat? She admitted to going through poor Sugar Bear's phone. Is she serious? This is obviously a desperate attempt to try and deflect some of the negative attention she's been receiving for, you know, dating an accused child molester. One who was accused of molesting her own daughter.

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Mama June warned in her Facebook page, "He has already scammed many girls on here to fell in love with them, so baby if u think u r his one in only u r wrong big time."

Mama June? Please just stop talking. You need to take a long break from the public eye and focus on yourself and your family. If you want to leave Sugar Bear, it's probably for the best. But stop telling the world that he's a cheater. Maybe he did cheat, maybe he didn't -- but anything he does NOW is his business and nowhere near as bad as the company you chose to keep.

What do you think of Mama June's complaints about Sugar Bear?

Image via real_honeybooboo_mamajune3105/Instagram

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