Andi Dorfman Makes Shocking Confession About Her Time as 'The Bachelorette'

Andi Dorfman

Hopefully any sort of contract obligations she has as The Bachelorette are long over by now, because Andi Dorfman admits she broke the rules during the show, in a pretty significant way! You know how producers arrange secret meet-ups between The Bachelorette and her chosen dude before the finale actually airs? Yeah, well, apparently that wasn't good enough for Andi, which is why she snuck Josh Murray up to the lake so they could have an extra rendezvous without anyone knowing.



Damn. Well isn't she a sneaky one?!? And I'm sure she's happy they didn't get caught; otherwise, she and Josh could've landed themselves in pretty big trouble in more ways than one!

What if someone had seen them together and taken photos, then leaked them to the media before The Bachelorette was over? Something tells me ABC wouldn't have been too pleased about their new season being spoiled, even though Reality Steve kind of takes care of that for us anyway.

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Or what if producers had gotten wind of the two of them going on a little getaway? Couldn't they have sued them for breach of contract or something?

Oh well, I guess it's really not such a big deal at this point; otherwise, Andi never would've spilled the beans. If anything, this just goes to show how in love she and Josh were right from the very start, so maybe this will silence any haters who are still questioning their relationship once and for all!

Are you surprised that Andi "broke the rules"?


Image via andi_dorfman/Instagram

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