'Vanderpump Rules' Cast Demanding More & More to Bring the Drama

Vanderpump Rules

The cast members of Vanderpump Rules certainly serve up the drama each week, and we assumed they were getting paid a pretty penny to exploit their personal struggles, sexcapades, and lies. That hasn't been the case, however. According to TMZ, Tom, Jax, Scheana, Kristen, Katie, Stassi, and the others have been entertaining us for a mere pittance (or at least a pittance by Hollywood terms), and they're sick of it.


Here's the deal. The first season of the show, the cast members (not including Lisa Vanderpump, of course) each made $5,000 TOTAL. There were 10 episodes, so they each got $500 per episode. For a hit reality TV show -- they could probably make more in tips during one good weekend at Sur!

So of course the gang asked for raises, and in season 2, they were bumped up to $3,000 an episode, and for season 3 (which is currently on the air), they now make $5,000 an episode. They also asked to be flown first class for all press and promotional gigs, but the gang is still slumming it in coach with the rest of us. In case you're wondering, yes, Lisa flies first class!

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The cast thinks that because their lives as bartenders and servers are what's portrayed on the show, the powers that be at Bravo don't want to ruin that facade by having anyone see the cast living large in first class. They are supposed to be struggling!

But you know what? I agree with the gang. Filming a reality show bumps you into another level of fame. I would not think twice if I saw Jax reclining with a hot towel in first class. Anyone who is willing to go on TV and let ALL their personal drama out there to be scrutinized and picked apart deserves to relax and have a few perks!

So here's hoping they at least get some first class love in their contracts for season 4. Because seriously, the entertainment this crazy crew provides is worth every penny.

Do you think the cast of Vanderpump Rules deserves to fly first class and should make more money?

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