Amber Portwood's Shocking Confession Will Totally Change Your Opinion of Her

Amber Portwood Kailyn Lowry

Even though her past has been a bit on the rocky side, to say the least, it's pretty clear that Amber Portwood has cleaned up her act and wants to be a level-headed, responsible person. But even though she's obviously done a total 180 from where she was when she entered prison, there are bound to be some people who have trouble forgetting about the person she used to be pre-jail, which is sort of understandable.


But after hearing a recent confession she made on Twitter, it's next to impossible to argue with Amber's true character. It's a lot more honest and admirable than most people probably believe.

Um, excuse me? She had a book deal for years before writing the damn thing -- because she wanted to make sure her story would actually help others instead of just writing a book to write a book?

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Sheesh. If this little confession doesn't totally convince you that Amber is nowhere even close to the person she used to be, then nothing will. Aren't you impressed that she waited until the time was right to put the book out there (which she no doubt made a nice chunk of change off of) instead of diving right in?

I mean, I know she was in jail for a while, but still, it speaks volumes about her priorities that she wanted to make sure her book was written at the perfect time.

Amber definitely seems happier than she's ever been in her life, with her new found success and a new man who seems to truly adore her. At the rate she's going, things can only get better from here on out!

Are you proud of Amber?


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