'Are You the One?' Season 2 Finale: Layton Gambles With Everyone's Last Chance

are you the one season 2 finale curtisIt's here. It's finally here. The season 2 finale of Are You the One? has arrived and I'm just as fascinated with the cast's quest for love and money as I've ever been. But with our current selection of star-crossed lovers and competitors, it's always a gamble as to whether or not their last-minute match-up ceremony decisions will pay off. And tonight's finale was no different.


Last week, we were all blessed (#praise) with eight perfect matches. Naturally, that means that two of the pairs just needed to swap partners and we'd be good to go. Christina sat out last week (makes total sense here, people) and the double match was not affected.

This time around?

Ha! Joke's on us.

But first of all, much to Layton's chagrin, we can fast forward through the challenge and getaway date and officially announce that, yes, Dario and Ashley are a perfect match! Hear that, Layton? Let's take a second and let that register because Dario and Ashley are officially together.

Not to be outdone, however, Layton had plenty of drama (and screen time) left for the match-up ceremony.

It's the final one. Their last chance. Their final shot at $1 million. Are the stakes high enough? Clearly, yes. And while the cast has essentially figured out that Dario and Ashley and Layton and Tyler are the two pairs that needed to be switched from the last episode, Layton is not ready to stop the insanity.

Yes, it would be smart for him to pair off with Tyler, leaving bonus girl Christina to sit out again. At least that way, they don't risk the chance of only getting nine matches. But does he do it?

That's one big fat "NO." He picks Christina as his match and the cast explodes (case in point: Curtis' reaction pictured above). Rightfully so. His last chance in the limelight, on center stage, and the dude decides to gamble the entire group's paycheck. That's pretty uncool.

But as much as we may have hated on his choice (cast included in that "we"), it was ultimately correct. He was the double match with Tyler and Christina, and the whole cast walked away with a cut of the million-dollar prize.

Another season, another successful final match-up. Congrats to the whole squad.

Now it's time to shift all our attention to The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2.

Did you correctly guess the matches? Which ones are you surprised by?


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