'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Is Kandi Burruss Going to War With Mama Joyce?

kandi burruss If Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss decided to go to war with her mama, the infamous Mama Joyce, I would volunteer as tribute. Let's back it up. We know Kandi is tight with her mom. Some would say too tight, but that's just me -- maybe having your mom try to beat up your bestie at your bridal fitting is, like, a form of love and respect that I'm simply too thick to grasp. I thought for sure this season would be nothing but peace now that Mama Joyce has "accepted" Kandi's marriage to Todd Tucker. I thought wrong! 


Kandi has already gone above and beyond the call of daughterly duty. Her mom was living in a house that Kandi was paying for! But that wasn't enough. She wanted property in her name. That's when I'd be all:


To my mom, but I understand that Kandi and I operate in a different way. Fine. Cool. So Kandi buys her mom ... another house. Once my mom got me both socks AND Odor Eaters for Christmas. That is the extent to which I can relate to this scenario. Anyway, whatever -- Kandi seems happy, her mom seems happy, Todd seems ... mildly concerned that his wife is buying houses like they are diet colas (I drink several dozen a day making this an apt comparison). 

But THEN. Ohhhhh, then. Todd and Kandi go to check out her mom's old digs to get it ready to put on the market. What do they discover when they walk inside? A blood sacrifice to the tentacle god Cthulhu. Jk, jk, jk. They discover that the "remodeling" Joyce's BF was doing on the house ... was actually code for RIPPING OUT ALL OF THE BATHROOMS FOR NO APPARENT REASON. Kandi's reaction of ".... where are my tubs" is how I am now going to respond to any odd or strangely disorienting thing I encounter. 

Kandi is pretending she's fine with it, but clearly she's not. She went out with her aunties to trash talk her mom for her behavior. Her aunts (the old lady gang) were funny and sweet, but you know they are ride or die for Joyce. I am insanely curious to see if this is all going to blow up -- I have a sneaking suspicion it will.

What's the craziest gift you've ever gotten your mother?


Images via WiffleGiff.com, BravoTV

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