Nicki Minaj's Kim Kardashian & Beyonce Impressions on 'SNL' Are Spot-On (VIDEOS)

nicki minaj

It's not hard to believe that Nicki Minaj has good comedic timing -- the girl has a great sense of humor, you can hear it in her lyrics. So when I heard she was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live with James Franco as the host, I hoped she would be featured in some of the skits. And she was! Nicki took on Kim Kardashian and Beyonce in two funny clips.


In Jingle Ballerz, we also get the great Kate McKinnon doing a perfect Justin Bieber! She's one of my favorites on the show. And Nicki captured Beyonce's cool elegance even though it was hard to concentrate on anything other than her cleavage. (Good gracious, woman!) I love the subtle hair flips, the easy smile that doesn't over-do it. Nicki does a great Beyonce. Now let's have Bey do Nicki next time she's on SNL.

When Nicki "transformed" herself into Kim, it was on Weekend Update and the topic was the now-infamous Paper magazine photo shoot. She explains how the whole thing was taken out of context because the background was removed. Ha! Again, cleavage. 

Great job, Nicki!

What did you think of Nicki as Beyonce and Kim on SNL?

Image via Nicki Minaj/Instagram

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