Farrah Abraham Might Return to 'Teen Mom' After All


Farrah Abraham and Sophia

OMG, you guys. Apparently MTV is really desperate to drum up ratings now that it's been confirmed that Leah Calvert will not return for season 6 of Teen Mom 2. But while she may be done with her reality TV career (for now), it looks as though another former leading lady is making a comeback of sorts. Would you believe that Farrah Abraham is reportedly returning to Teen Mom along with the rest of the original cast?


I know. I thought when they fired her from the show, it kind of meant that she wasn't going to be welcomed back with open arms. And while her teaming up with her former cast members is certainly unexpected, it sounds as though Farrah might not be giving MTV much choice as far as letting her come back goes.

According to In Touch, she's been "calling the production crew nonstop." Maybe they're simply sick and tired of listening to her beg, so they decided to let her come back so she'd quit pestering them?

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Whatever. Let's go ahead and assume for a second that Farrah is going to make a big Teen Mom return. Um, how, exactly, does MTV plan on working around her career? (Can we even call it that?)

I mean, I'm sure the last thing viewers want to see is yet another shot of a mold of Farrah's you know what, so it's probably best if they don't showcase her line of products in the episodes. And they should also refrain from forcing fans to watch her parade around in scantily clad outfits too. Huh. In that case, what, exactly, will we see Farrah doing on the show?

Oh, you're right. She's a mom, so ... there's that.

Will you still watch Teen Mom if Farrah comes back?


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