Jeremy Calvert's Shady Secret Makes Divorce From Leah Impossible to Deny

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Well? Whether she's willing to accept or admit it or not, it looks like there is new evidence to support the assumption that Leah Calvert's divorce is already underway. RadarOnline managed to obtain a series of flirty text messages between Jeremy Calvert and a pretty blonde girl named Brittany Musick, and let's just say exactly nothing about their conversations is innocent.


And get this one, apparently he met this chick on Twitter of all places, and then they started direct messaging, which progressed to texting, and so on and so forth.

Not only did Jeremy reassure Brittany that he is indeed single, he also went so far as to arrange for her to come and visit him and stay overnight. We can probably go ahead and assume that the two of them had one thing on their minds for their little rendezvous, if you catch my drift.

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And while we can't fault Jeremy for pursuing another woman if he and Leah are really over, it's hard not to feel bad for her, because I'm sure it's pretty hurtful to see him move on with someone else so quickly. The poor woman is insisting she's still married, for crying out loud, so it has to be humiliating when proof turns up to suggest otherwise.

It's almost like she simply isn't willing to let go of the chance that Jeremy will have a change of heart and want to give their marriage another try, which is both heartbreaking and admirable at the same time.

Unfortunately, it sure looks like Jeremy has no intention of staying married to Leah. As hard as it is, it's probably in her best interests to take a deep breath and face the music so she can move on with her life too.

Are you surprised that Jeremy is planning hookups with another woman?


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