Truth Behind Adam Lind's Recent Arrest Is More Messed Up Than We Thought

Adam LindWe usually don't have to reach far to find something not so nice to say about Adam Lind. Chelsea Houska's ex-boyfriend and baby daddy hasn't exactly been a stellar human being, and deadbeat dad might just be about the nicest thing we could say on any given day. But according to Teen Mom Truth, it looks as though the Teen Mom 2 star may be turning his life around and even be exonerated of the recent domestic stalking charges leveled on him by ex-girlfriend Brooke Beaton.


Adam found himself behind bars once again earlier this week, after Beaton filed domestic stalking charges on him, claiming she was afraid for herself and her two children.

She wrote in the court documents, "Adam has been violent often in the past few months ... Adam has threatened to kill my family and is also contacting my family on Facebook and also via phone/text. There were multiple times he threatened me ... I am very scared for my safety and for my children’s [safety]."

Meanwhile, Adam posted pictures on his private Facebook page of his truck with four slashed tires and claimed it was Brooke who did it. On top of that, another source close to Adam said Brooke made up the stalking charges because she's mad at him for breaking up with her over her continued use of drugs and alcohol while Adam tries to stay on the straight and narrow.

Wait, what? Adam Lind is trying to get his life on track? Is he pulling a Jenelle Evans?

According to a source who dished to Teen Mom Truth, Adam has been sober for an entire year now and has been actively taking steps to get his life together. He bought some land to start building a house on and has enrolled in school for Personal Training and Sports Nutrition. Brooke refused to stop partying, drinking, and doing drugs, so he ended things.

The insider said the "final straw" for Adam was when he found out that during one of his recent jail times, Brooke went out with a friend and two guys, took all three back to his place, and even had sex with one of the guys in Adam's bed. Holy crap!

The site also has several screenshots of texts and Facebook messages between Adam and Brooke, Adam and Brooke's mom, and various other characters in this somewhat twisted story, but they all seem to point to one thing -- Adam is trying to get himself together and Brooke is cray cray.

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It looks like she even manufactured evidence to make it seem like Adam was physically abusive! On November 28, Adam went with his friends to a dirt bike race, and Brooke happened to be there too. She was fawning over another man, Richie, in an attempt to make Adam jealous, when she tripped and fell down the bleachers. Adam punched Richie, thinking he'd pushed Brooke, but the whole thing was a misunderstanding, and the two men later cleared it up and agreed Brooke needed help.

Meanwhile, Brooke showed her injuries from the incident to the police and tried to charge Adam with domestic abuse! She eventually downgraded it to the domestic stalking charges we know about, but dang. Her version of events just isn't adding up.

They have a court date on December 9, and Adam's lawyer is confident the charges will be dropped, "due to the overwhelming evidence that supports Adam’s story, not to mention the countless witnesses who saw the events unfold."

What a messed up situation! We're hoping that Adam really has decided to clean up his act and stop acting like such a selfish bonehead. He has two little girls to think about now (Aubree, 5, with Chelsea, and Paislee, 1, with Taylor Halbur), and they deserve a dad who isn't behind bars or too stoned out of his mind to give a damn about them.

Do you believe Adam's version of events?


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