'Bachelor' Chris Soules' Ladies Include a Few VERY Unexpected Surprises

Chris Soules

If you aren't paying attention to any of the spoilers that have been leaked thus far, then you'll be super excited to hear that Bachelor Chris Soules' leading ladies were revealed today, so now we know exactly who he'll be dating once the show premieres on January 5! And based on the descriptions for what these gals do for a living, Chris is in for a tough decision as far as who he wants to proceed with.


They're all pretty darn successful, though a few of their professions are surprising at best and are definitely Bachelor firsts!

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You're gonna love this one. You know how most chicks on The Bachelor are size 0s or 2s and make us want to go hide in the closet with a tub of ice cream? Yeah, well, this time around, we have Bo, a 25-year-old plus-size model, to mix things up.

Bo Bachelorette

(I know. She doesn't look "plus-sized" to me either. Sigh.)

And while former Bachelor Brad Womack had the pleasure of dating a mortician, 28-year-old Reegan kicks things up a notch, as she's a cadaver tissue saleswoman. (Whatever the hell that is. Sounds freaky.)

Reegan Bachelorette

Oh, and if Chris is really up for someone who's a barrel of fun, he should think seriously about giving cruise ship singer, Carly, 29, a rose for sure.

Carly Bachelorette

As for the other women he'll have to choose from? You can check out all of the Bachelorettes over at ABC. From models to nurses to teachers and hairstylists, they definitely look like they have the potential to create some serious drama for our poor farmer.

Who else can't wait for January 5 to hurry up and get here already?!?

What do you think of Chris' leading ladies?


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