Tyler Baltierra Shares Catelynn Lowell Pregnancy Update That's Just -- OMG!


Catelynn Lowell

Ahhhhhh! It's almost baby time, people! Can you believe we're just weeks away from finally "meeting" Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra's beautiful little girl? It seems like she's been pregnant forever (since that's how it always goes), and we're more anxious than ever to see them finally have their angel. OMG. Who else is on pins and needles as far as what "Baby V" stands for?


Nova and Violet are definitely major contenders, but I guess we won't know their daughter's name for sure until her official birthday.

And if Tyler's most recent update on Catelynn's pregnancy is any indication, we definitely need to go ahead and put her on official birth watch!

Aww! Isn't this exciting? I mean, given how ready their fans are for this baby to get here, we can only imagine the anticipation the two of them are experiencing.

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And while plenty of dads-to-be are over-the-moon about becoming fathers, Tyler has been really vocal about just how much he's looking forward to being a parent, which makes seeing his elation even sweeter.

It won't be long now ... and we simply can't wait!!

Are you excited for Tyler and Catelynn?


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