Leah Calvert Turns to Unexpected Source of Comfort to Cope With Divorce Drama

Leah Calvert

Even though we still don't know for sure whether or not Leah Calvert and Jeremy Calvert are headed for divorce, it's pretty clear that the poor woman has more stress in her life right now than anyone should be forced to handle. Between worrying about whether or not she'll lose custody of her twins to Corey Simms and dealing with all of the nasty allegations surrounding her marriage, it's definitely enough to put anyone over the edge.


But it's obvious that she plans on keeping her head held high and coming out on top of this whole situation at the end. Leah is relying on her faith to get her through what is no doubt the toughest time she's ever had in her life.

A source told In Touch, "She's started going to a church that embraces forgiveness and recovery. She's determined to make a complete turnaround."

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Supposedly the decision to renew her faith hit her like a ton of bricks after hearing her pastor talk about substance abuse and how Jesus can save people from it. An eyewitness says, "He said that bad habits like drugs, sex, and alcoholism can be broken when one finds Jesus. Leah was nodding her head in agreement the entire time. It really hit home for her."

Aww. While the questions of whether or not Leah really has issues with substance abuse or if she cheated with Robbie Kidd are impossible for us to answer, turning to her faith is definitely the best thing she can do for herself right now. In addition to being a step in the right direction as far as living a healthy lifestyle goes (if she really is popping pills), attending church regularly will give her a lifeline of sorts and remind her of how much she has to fight for.

Regardless of anything that did or did not happen up until this point, she has three beautiful little girls who adore her and see her as the center of their world, and that's more than enough reason to hang onto whatever hope she possibly can.

Has your faith helped you get through tough times?


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