Chelsea Houska's Latest Custody Move Is Not What We Expected

Chelsea Houska Aubree

Given just how many times Adam Lind has been arrested, no one would blame Chelsea Houska for one second if she up and decided to head to court to try and take any and all visitation rights he has with Aubree away from him. I mean, his latest encounter with the law has to have about put Chel over the edge, right? If your baby daddy was jailed for domestic stalking and another woman had a restraining order issued against him, would you allow him to be around your child?


(Yeah. That's what I thought.)

And it sounds like she's finally had enough, because Chelsea is setting new parenting rules for Adam going forward by insisting that his parents have to be present whenever Aubree is around him.

I know. She's being way too generous and should just take Aubs away from him once and for all, right? Well, apparently Chel has a heart of gold, and she's allowing Adam to continue seeing her a) because he is her father, and b) because Aubree loves his parents, who Chel thinks are "good people."

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But a source tells RadarOnline, "She's so sad for Aubree that she has a dad like Adam."

OMG. Doesn't that just about break your heart? Even if your child's father is no longer a part of your life, you at least hope he's still responsible and mature enough to be a loving parent to his kid. Can you even imagine how hard it is for Chelsea to accept that her daughter may never know what it's like to have a dad who isn't ... a criminal?

And while it's totally understandable that Chelsea is not quite ready to sever all ties between Adam and Aubree, odds are good that this whole domestic stalking thing is definitely the last straw. But if Adam manages to screw up again (like we know he will ...)? Um, hopefully he realizes there's a damn good chance he'll never see his little girl again.

Do you think Chelsea is being too lenient with Adam?


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