CIA Corrects Katherine Heigl's New Show Because They Have Nothing Better to Do

Katherine HeiglJust ... wow. People do understand the difference between fiction and reality right? We love our dramas, whether they're set in the NYPD, a crime lab, a hospital, the White House, or the Pentagon. For some strange reason, the CIA has taken to its official Twitter account to "counter popular myths and misconceptions" that Katherine Heigl's new show State of Affairs apparently perpetrates.


I'm pretty sure we all knew Katherine Heigl was an actress. She probably hasn't been a bridesmaid 27 times, she did not actually have Seth Rogen's baby, and I doubt she went to medical school. My point being ... we get that she's not really a CIA agent, and we understand that those working on the show take some creative license when portraying the inner workings of a government agency full of secrets and spies.

Yet the CIA feels the need to correct the espionage drama. Like this past Monday, when the president was handed the President's Daily Brief, or PDB, as a stack of papers. ZOMG, it's not done like that anymore!

Seriously? The CIA has nothing better to do? TMZ also reported another instance from an earlier episode, in which Heigl's character Charleston Tucker met face-to-face with some agency operatives.

Geez, everyone knows that agency operatives need to meet face-to-face, otherwise Sydney Bristow never would've fallen for Michael Vaughn on Alias. Duh.

I know this is a cutesy PR stunt, but with a president in the White House being slammed in the media for being a "weak leader," it hardly seems like the time. 

What do you think of the CIA "fact-checking" State of Affairs on Twitter?


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