Jenelle Evans' Past Comes Back to Haunt Her in Worst Possible Way

Jenelle EvansSo basically all Jenelle Evans has to do to bring on the hate is to tweet something. Anything will do, really. If she's doing something with Kaiser, she's doing it wrong. If she's doing something with Nathan Griffith or friends, she's a bad mom. Even something as normal as shedding tears while dropping her baby off at daycare inspires the haters to hate hate hate on the Teen Mom 2 star.


Nathan's mom had been watching Kai while Jenelle and Nathan attended classes, but it looks as though they've decided to enroll him in daycare instead, possibly because their recent move no longer made Gramma a viable choice for baby care.

Regardless of the reason, Kaiser spent his first day in daycare on Tuesday, December 2, and it was not an easy transition for Jenelle.

I hear ya, girl! What mom can't sympathize with leaving her baby at daycare or with a babysitter? It's so tough to trust other people with our kiddos, but the fact is we all have to do it at some point or another. We're not going to be able to move into their college dorms with them, after all.

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But of course someone immediately questioned why Jenelle would need to put Kai in daycare since she's technically unemployed, and she replied, "Becuz maybe JUST MAYBE we go to school full time? #JustSayin think I would pay $200 a week for nothing?!"

Whoa, $200 a week does seem high, especially since last time we checked, Jenelle was only in classes two days a week, but regardless of how much she pays, it seems like Jenelle can't escape her past of being a neglectful mother.

Other commenters on Twitter nailed her for not being able to wait until Jace went to daycare and not caring that her mom Barbara Evans had to pay for Jace's daycare. They just generally called her a hypocritical mom for actually giving a damn this time around.

Sure, Jenelle was a really, really crappy mother when Jace was a baby. But she's done a 180 and is doing a decent job with Kaiser. Unfortunately, once you've made mistakes, it's hard for people to see past them.

Do you think Jenelle will ever be redeemed from her past as a crappy mom?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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