Desperate Teresa Giudice Makes Unbelievable Move to Avoid Prison

Teresa Giudice

I think we can all agree that we really feel for Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice. She's due to report to jail for 15 months on January 5 on charges of bankruptcy and mail fraud. No surprise, she's doing everything in her power to find a way out! But her latest move is pretty shocking, even for her.


According to TMZ, Teresa blames her lawyer for the judge's decision to send her to prison so she's SUING him. Teresa reportedly claims that her lawyer, Jim Kiridel, was a "slacker" who never even met with her prior to filing bankruptcy docs and was "sloppy as hell" because he didn't list key assets including her cars, her rental property income, and various bank accounts.

Teresa says she wants a MINIMUM of $5 million from him and claims that this is a classic case of "malpractice." Um, I say that this is a classic case of denial and delusion. Teresa has said many times on TV that there were a lot of things she didn't understand, starting with the documents her husband Joe had her sign that got her into this mess to begin with and ending with the legal jargon the lawyers used to explain the plea deal they were making that would include jail time if accepted.

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I get that Teresa doesn't want to go to jail, and I'm sure she really believed her lawyers would figure out a way to make her sentence go away. She's going to be away from her four young daughters for a very long time, and let's be honest, prison is going to be the wake-up call of all wake-up calls for her. No shopping, no trips to the shore, no mani/pedis or blow-outs, no reality TV cameras ...

If suing her lawyer makes Teresa feel as if she has some control over this out-of-control situation and makes her feel like she's taking some action to get through it -- then I guess you can't blame her for finding a way to cope. But I hope if Teresa learns anything from this mess, it's to stop blaming others and start taking responsibility for her own actions!

Do you think Teresa is wrong to sue to her lawyer for "malpractice"?

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