Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer Have Super Awkward Run-In With Adam Lind

Chelsea Houska Cole DeBoer

Ugh. I guess it was bound to happen at one point or another, but that certainly doesn't make the situation any less uncomfortable or awkward. According to RadarOnline, Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer bumped into Adam Lind last Friday night at a local Sioux Falls gas station. Poor Chel found herself standing there with her new boyfriend while her monster-of-a-baby-daddy was just a stone's throw away.


Adam was (hanging out?) there with his buddies, and an eyewitness says, "They all saw each other, but they didn't interact at all. No one said hello. Chelsea looked over and saw him, but didn't look again!"

Yikes! I wonder if Cole had any idea that Chelsea's ex was lurking around? Even though he'll likely be forced to deal with Adam at some point in the future given that he is Aubree's father, something tells me both Cole and Chel want to avoid as much contact with him as they possibly can.

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And hopefully for Chelsea's sake, her run-ins with Adam will be even more few and far between now that he's been arrested yet again, this time for domestic stalking.

Um, who else thinks it's about time the judge did away with any and all visitation rights Adam has with Aubree? He's proven time and time again that he is most definitely NOT a fit parent. Now that Aubs has Cole to take on the role of a responsible father figure in her life, there's really no reason for Adam to be involved -- until he grows up and cleans up his act, that is.

Regardless of how much of a mess he is, he will always be Aubree's father, and considering how much she loves him, you'd think he'd make a little more of an effort to be a decent human being so his kid won't wind up thinking he's a major screw-up.

(But we probably shouldn't go holding our breaths on that one.)

Do you think Adam should still have contact with Aubree?


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