Leah Calvert Addresses Pregnancy Rumors Amid Divorce Speculation

Leah Calvert

Oh, for crying out loud! We can only begin to imagine how much stress she's under these days between her custody battle with Corey Simms and her marriage woes with Jeremy Calvert. Now there's a rumor floating around saying that Leah Calvert is pregnant with Robbie Kidd's kid, and OMG are you even believing this?!? (Girl just can't catch a break.)


Check out the lively Twitter exchange she had with a "fan," which pretty much sums up how the whole thing went down.

And here is Leah's response:

Seriously? Someone actually had the nerve to suggest that amid all of her other struggles, Leah would throw getting knocked up with her alleged affair's baby into the mix?

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Good grief. You really can't make this stuff up, people. I mean, why on earth would anyone actually believe that Leah is pregnant with her fourth child when she hasn't even clarified whether or not she and Jeremy are headed for a split? (Even though we're all kind of assuming they're done.)

I highly doubt Leah would even bother trying to conceal a pregnancy with everything else she has going on. For now, let's go ahead and assume that this is nothing more than another vicious rumor put out there to try and cause her even more heartache.

But if by some slim chance she really is expecting a baby, and the baby daddy is not Jeremy? Oh man. God help her.

Do you honestly believe Leah is pregnant again?


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