'Are You the One' Recap: Dario's 'Conquered' Comments Are So Out of Line

are you the one season 2While Are You the One? is all about finding love and one's single true match, ha, kidding, this is MTV, we all know that the episodes are really about the knock-down fights and roaring feuds. And this season has stayed true to the crazy MTV love drama and blessed us with countless love triangles. It's really the perfect recipe for some wild duels, no-holds-barred matches, and profanity-fueled exchanges. Tonight's edition? Dario vs. Layton, both competing over Ashley. Until it all takes one seriously harsh turn.


Let's get to the point here: Alex and Jasmine are finally voted into the Truth Booth after the week's challenge and are officially proved to be a perfect match.

Rejoice, cast members, rejoice.

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But before the cast can really celebrate their one step closer to the prize, Brandon and Nathan have yet another spirited spat over bonus girl Christina. Turns out Nathan is not too happy that she's moved on from him so quickly, while Brandon continues to deal with the fact that she's not his perfect match. Let's repeat that: she is not his perfect match. Somehow, this fact is lost on him.

But our second love triangle of the night really brought the fun. At the matching ceremony (where Nathan and Ellie, Garland and Jessica, Brandon and Briana, and Anthony and Alex all matched up), Layton chose to be paired with Ashley (meaning Dario was with Tyler). But her other man, D, was not about to take that without a fight. It's fine that Layton got Ashley this time around because as Dario so lovingly puts it, "I've already conquered Ashley."

Oh. Hell. No.

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"Conquered." That's right. That's what he said. And it's so uncool.

Girl did not take that well (as she so rightfully shouldn't) and refused to let herself be labeled as "conquered." Consider us fully in agreement.

And while Dario did try to backpedal and apologize for his comments, they clearly stung. Unfortunately, since the cast got eight correct matches, it looks like there will be yet another (and last) ceremony.

And our money is on Dario and Ashley and Layton and Tyler being a match. Looks like the triangle will flip yet again. 

Who do you think is Ashley's perfect match? Dario or Layton? Or is it someone else?


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