'Walking Dead' Shocker: MAJOR Character Loss in Mid-Season Finale

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Oh man. Do we need to talk about last night’s Walking Dead? I think we need to talk about last night’s Walking Dead. I’m not doing recaps for the show any more here at The Stir, but that doesn’t mean I’m not watching — I was definitely glued to the screen last night and I was definitely flattened by the events that happened at the end of the episode.


Before I go any further, here is your VERY CLEARLY STATED spoiler warning. Do NOT read this article if you’re not caught up on the latest Walking Dead … otherwise, join me in sadness after this paragraph.

Okay, so I will say this: I have been predicting Beth’s death for a long time and in many ways it wasn’t even remotely a surprise. It felt like a natural fit with her character arc and the overall storyline. It wasn’t the right time to lose Glenn (as had been rumored before season 5 got underway), and I feel like there’s a lot of mileage left with people like Maggie, Carol, Tyreese, Eugene, Abraham, and Michonne. I thought we might lose Sasha or Father Gabriel before the mid-season finale, but that wouldn’t have been too terribly shocking. Carl and Rick aren’t protected, exactly, but they’re so integral to the story I never expect them to die.

The name of the episode should have given it away: “Coda” is a musical term that’s mostly used to describe the passage that brings a piece (or movement) to an end. Music’s always been a big part of Beth’s character, and it’s a fitting name for the show that kills her off.

But oh my god, I did not expect that scene. That was brutal and awful and as much as I think Beth knew it was coming, as evidenced by her tearful words to Dawn, “I get it now,” it was still a legitimate shock.

The bullet going through her head was one thing, but it was the stunned reactions from Rick’s group that really sealed the deal. I didn’t cry, but I was huddled under a blanket biting my knuckles. And then seeing Maggie drop to her knees in agony … I’m not even going to point out the fact that Maggie never seemed all that focused on Beth’s absence before now, I was just devastated.

But Daryl. Oh my god, Daryl Dixon carrying Beth’s body. If that didn’t move you, you are a heartless monster with calcified cat turds in your heart. That was heart-shattering, and it was presented with just the perfect pitch-black despair.  (The music in this episode was on POINT.)

I won’t even get into the other details of what went down in this episode — I’m glad to have the hospital story concluded, and I’m very interested to see where the Morgan business is going — I just want to hear what you thought. Was that a good death? A good way to conclude Beth’s song, so to speak? Tell me. My answer is yes, I think the writers did a fantastic job wrapping things up for this half-season. It was a great premiere, a few “meh” episodes halfway through, but a very strong finish.

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