Chelsea Houska Reveals the Truth About Cole DeBoer in Telling New Photo

Chelsea Houska

'Tis the season for all things romantic, and by the looks of it, things are really progressing in a very serious direction for Chelsea Houska and her boyfriend Cole DeBoer! Whoever would've thought that those initial photos of her goofing off with him at her birthday party back in September would lead to a meaningful relationship? We couldn't be happier for her, and obviously, she can't resist shouting her happiness from the rooftops either. Check out this new picture she shared of Cole, which pretty much tells us all we need to know about how in love they are.


OMG. Are you kidding me?!? Look at that smile on Aubree's face! And look how she has her little arm wrapped around Cole ... like he's a total dad figure. (Dying. Seriously, I can't stand the cuteness.)

As for Cole? He looks perfectly content to be posing next to Chel's little girl, to the point where it almost looks like he's always been there.

And on a totally unrelated side note, how hot is this guy? (Damn. Chel snagged herself one hell of a looker.)

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We knew Chel had introduced the two of them quite some time ago, but we had no idea just how comfortable Aubs has become around Cole, which is most definitely a sign that he's in Chel's life to stay. Most single moms don't get a dude involved with their child unless it's pretty serious, so it's probably safe for us to assume that Cole and Chelsea have talked about having a future together.

Keep the pictures coming, Chel -- we can't get enough of your man, and we know you can't either!

Do you think Chelsea and Cole will wind up engaged?


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