Shocking 'Bachelor' Plot Twist Is Chris Soules' Worst Nightmare (SPOILERS)

Chris Soules

Even though the fun of the new season has all but been ruined by the fact that Chris Soules' final pick was leaked way, WAY early by Reality Steve, we're still looking forward to watching The Bachelor, well, because what else are we supposed to do on Monday nights this winter other than tune in to see the insane drama unfold? And since there's always the chance that Steve got the ending of the show all wrong, it's still fun to watch and form our own conclusions along the way, right? Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!


If the rumors circulating about a shocking Bachelor rose ceremony plot twist turn out to be correct, it's definitely worth our time to stick with the show right up until the very end. You guys? The word on the street is that we'll feel like we've been "Juan Pablo-ed all over again" after seeing what Chris pulls with his remaining chicks.

According to Reality Steve, Chris does wind up happily engaged, but it sounds like his journey to come to his final decision might not have been entirely sincere.

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Steve also revealed that the final rose ceremony takes place in Iowa instead of some tropical location, but get this one -- supposedly we will have the pleasure of seeing Chris take his final three contestants to Bali for the fantasy suite dates, and you'll never believe why. Apparently he wanted each of them to enjoy one final day of fun in the sun on the beach, you know, before dumping two of them.

OMG. Seriously? Are you buying that? Um, Chris may come off as a total gentleman, but we're not dumb, and we know exactly what goes on in the fantasy suites once the cameras stop rolling.

Duh. Most of the time the couples get it on. Hell, Andi Dorfman slept with Nick Viall hours before accepting a proposal from Josh Murray, so why should we assume that Chris' final dates will be any less ... scandalous?

Since he'll be in Bali with the women, odds are good that the setting will be nothing short of CRAZY romantic and steamy. And if we'll supposedly be comparing him to Juan Pablo after he makes his final decision, we have to assume he was intimate with more than one woman, right?

OMG. Who knew that Chris being The Bachelor would possibly wind up as the best damn thing to ever happen to Juan Pabs? If Reality Steve's predictions are correct, we just might be pinning a medal on good old Juan P. by the end of this thing.

As for Chris? Well, it sounds like he may wind up regretting ever signing up for this gig in the first place. Nothing quite ruins a dude's self-esteem like all of America totally loathing him.

Do you think fans will wind up hating Chris after The Bachelor?


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