Kailyn Lowry Basically Admits Her Marriage Is in Jeopardy (PHOTO)

Kailyn Lowry Isaac

Ugh. After seeing her share a photo with a male friend last week (which she felt the need to defend herself over for some reason), we couldn't help but wonder if Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin's marriage is in the midst of some sort of crisis. They've had their fair share of struggles in the past and have always managed to work things out, but it's tough not to notice that Kail seems to be doing her own thing these days.


And after seeing one of her latest selfies on Instagram, it looks as though our cause for concern might be totally justified. Take a look.


Um ... where in the heck is her wedding ring? I mean, I know plenty of women take their rings off from time to time either because they simply don't feel like wearing them, or forget to put them on, but take a look at this photo a little closer. See how she has her right hand covered up, but her left is totally "in your face?" It's almost like she's trying to send a message with this shot, or something.

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You know, like she's basically proclaiming to the world that she's (possibly) single and ready to mingle, or trying to prove some point to Javi to let him know she means business.

Whatever the case, it just seems odd for Kail to blatantly show off her ringless finger, considering how committed she usually is to making sure her marriage stands the test of time. And normally the "no ring" thing wouldn't really be all that big of a deal, but coupled with the fact that she seemed to indicate there was trouble in paradise before Thanksgiving, it's hard not to read more into this photo than we normally would.

For Kail's sake, let's hope she simply left her bling on the nightstand, or whatever. It will be such a darn shame if she and Javi wind up going their separate ways!

Do you ever take your wedding ring off?


Image via kaillowry/Instagram

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