'Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons' Recap: Kim Kardashian Accuses Jonathan Cheban of Something Awful

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Since Kim Kardashian has come to visit Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian during their summer stay in the Hamptons, drama hasn't been far behind her. Ha, that was a funnier joke than I meant it to be because 'behind' also means butt and as we know, Madame Kimmy K's famous haunches recently just busted the internet. There will be time enough to talk about Kim's ass later, right now let's talk about how she made herself LOOK like one (=an ass) by accusing her best friend Jonathan Cheban of leaking private family info to the press. Oh dayum, girl! You cold! Cover your butt, maybe? Get it? Because her butt is cold from being naked all the time. HIGH-FIVE! 


Whatever your feelings are about Jonathan Cheban (he's creepy, I think his hair might be Bruce Jenner's hair aka a squirrel pelt, if you look into his eyes you will probably see how you will die, I feel like he must be gay, but also he's clearly in love with Kim = all things I have thought about him in the past five seconds alone) I think any ardent fan of the Kardashian universe would back me in saying that Jonathan knows better than to sell information to the press. It was pretty shocking when Kim let her sisters plant a germ of doubt in her mind about him. 

But then again, if they were going to talk about the leak, better to redirect the attention - since we all know in our secret hearts that the "leak" in question is just Kris Jenner doing her job and doing it damn well. Grrrrrrl you think there's any information about the Ks circling that Kris Jenner doesn't want us to know? If you think you've found out something they didn't want leaked, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. The joke there was that you are an exceptionally gullible person.

Of course Jonathan wigged when Kim confronted him. But here's the thing, he forgave her almost instantly. Let's be real for a second, there's a lot I would forgive Kim Kardashian if we were best friends. But if she were to call the very foundation of our friendship into question? Yeah, that's gonna take more than a bike ride for churros for me to get over. 

Why do you think Jonathan forgave her so quickly?


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