'19 Kids & Counting' Finale Recap: There's Definitely a Duggar Spin-Off in the Works

19 kids and counting

Guess who made a return to 19 Kids & Counting tonight? Why, it was none other than Aunt/Cousin Amy! In a head-scratching move, the show's finale dedicated most of its time to tracking Amy's burgeoning career in Nashville. Burgeoning is a bit of a stretch. As of the show, Amy's had a couple of potentially exciting things happen (a gig, a music video), but, while she seems excited to move her career forward, she doesn't seem to have a plan in place. Unless ... TLC is giving her a show of her own to chronicle her journey? I kind of feel like this finale was a backdoor pilot and that if enough people dug it, Amy could be getting a show of her own. 


TLC hasn't made a statement saying that's the case, but it was clear from tonight's episode that if the Duggars themselves have anything to do with it, a spin-off show for Amy might be in the works. I mean, sure, Amy is fun and everyone loves her, but I don't know that I feel so invested in her that I'd watch a show about her ... deciding to move to Nashville? Come on, girl, learn the words to your new song before you show up for the shoot, maybe get an apartment and a day-job and then give us a peek into your life in, say, six months. Right now, it just feels like her famous family was doing her a pretty massive favor. 

You know who this should piss off? Josh and Anna. Yeah, I know, they are much better people than I am, and thus probably are just wheeling around in their barely functioning RV wishing Amy the best of luck. That said, since they are too decent to fume, I will fume on their behalf. Aren't those two the most logical choice for next-in-line to the Duggar reality crown? Sure, a person chasing their dreams is always compelling, but that's not really what this show is about. 19 Kids & Counting is about big families. You know, like the one Josh and Anna are working on even as we speak.

Would you rather watch a show about Josh and Anna or Amy?


Image via TLC 

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