Jeremy Calvert Has Reportedly Filed for Divorce From Leah Calvert

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OMG, people! We already assumed this news was coming any day now, but according to In Touch, Jeremy Calvert has filed for divorce from Leah Calvert, so it looks like their marriage is truly over for good. According to an insider, the rumors saying Leah cheated with Robbie Kidd wound up being the "last straw" for Jeremy, as the two of them had obviously been having problems for quite some time.


And apparently Leah never actually thought this day would come. The source adds:

She always thought she'd be able to win him back. The fact that she can't has made her a total mess. She's hit rock bottom. Leah wronged Jeremy and she's begging for forgiveness. But he's totally done with her.

And if this report isn't enough to convince you that Jeremy is indeed finished with his marriage, check out this simple yet very telling tweet he shared yesterday.

Yep. D-O-N-E. I guess he really can't get much clearer than that.

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And let's be honest, we realized there was probably no hope for a reconciliation the minute Leah revealed that she won't be returning to Teen Mom 2. If she and Jeremy were working things out, don't you think she'd want to make sure everyone saw their relationship heading in a more positive direction?

Yeah. It's clearly over for real this time. And even though Leah is putting on a brave face on her social media channels, we can't help but be incredibly worried about her emotional state in the coming months. Between losing Jeremy and the threat of losing custody of her twins to Corey Simms, the poor woman definitely has more on her plate than anyone can handle.

As for Jeremy, well, he seems perfectly fine with the split. Just recently, he was spotted trying to pick up girls at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Ohio, so it doesn't look like he plans on nursing a broken heart for too long.

Sigh. We were really hoping Leah and Jeremy would somehow make it through this, but I guess we should get that idea out of our heads once and for all. Yet another Teen Mom 2 couple bites the dust!

Are you upset about Leah and Jeremy's split?


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