Chelsea Houska's Dangerous Behavior Has Us Seriously Worried (VIDEO)

Chelsea HouskaIt's no secret that Chelsea Houska is having the time of her life right now. Despite recently losing a beloved pooch, the Teen Mom 2 star loves her job, loves her boyfriend Cole DeBoer, and her ex-boyfriend and daughter Aubree's dad Adam Lind hasn't reared his ugly head in a while. But it's possible Chelsea might just be a little too carefree and happy these days, if this video of her goofing off in the car is any indication.


We love Chels so much and are glad she's happy after so much turmoil in her young life after getting pregnant in high school, but we really wish she wouldn't do things like this.

In the short clip posted to Instagram, Chelsea and a friend are having a dance party in the car -- while she's driving.

Dance party #allday #everyday @beautifulashxo

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While it looks as though Chelsea isn't the one filming, she does have a phone in her hand at some point. And even if she's not holding the camera, she's definitely playing up to it instead of focusing on the road.

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Granted, it is South Dakota, so it's not like there's a lot of stop-and-go traffic, but you never know when some maniac is going to come barreling out of nowhere, and Chels does not look prepared at all to react appropriately. How's she going to quickly avoid danger with her leg up like that while she drives?

It just seems that she should know better, after all the times Adam Lind has gotten into trouble driving. Dude has been arrested for multiple DUIs, has had his licence suspended, and isn't even allowed unsupervised visitation with Aubree because of it.

Just stay safe, Chels, is all we're saying.

Do you think Chelsea is acting dangerously by filming her dance party while driving?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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