6 Most Amazing 'Teen Mom' Body Transformations

Mary Hawkins | Nov 28, 2014 TV
6 Most Amazing 'Teen Mom' Body Transformations

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We've watched the ladies of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 go through so many challenges and struggles over the years, but it's impossible not to share in their joy when we see more positive aspects of their lives unfold. And one thing we definitely can't ignore is how different and amazing these women look post-baby, after committing to healthier lifestyles. Of course, one of them had a little bit of (ahem) assistance.

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We're not here to judge, and it's important to note that we did see these women go from teenagers to adults -- so some changes are going to happen naturally. But the difference before and after baby is truly outstanding. Some of these mommies got in the best shape of their life! We want to support these moms who seem to be in a good place with their bodies -- we all know too well that it can be hard to feel good about oneself after baby is born. Check out these photos to see some of the incredible body transformations our favorite gals have undergone! Some of these transformations are truly shocking -- and for once, that's a good thing for the show Teen Mom.  

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