'Dancing With the Stars' Recap: Shocking Elimination Opens Door for Groundbreaking Finale

dancing with the stars

It's the finals! Tonight was it on Dancing With the Stars -- the night where the stars and dancers leave it all on the dance floor in hopes for the Mirrorball. The final four couples are Janel and Val, Sadie and Mark, Alfonso and Witney, and Bethany and Derek. There were two dances tonight. The first was a repeat of the judges' choice so they can see the improvement. And the second was a freestyle. Freestyle! No rules. The A game. There are things that happened that never have been done in the history of Dancing With the Stars, and I'm not just talking about Willie Robertson crying when he watched his daughter Sadie dance.



First up. ALL 10s for Witfonso. IT IS ON, MY FRIENDS. These two are in it to win it and they may just take the win. This is a tough season, don't you think? It's so hard to pick a favorite. I LOVE them all. But Wit and Alfonso are on top so far as far as the judges go. After the first dances, Sadie and Mark have 38. Janel and Val are at 37. And at the bottom is Bethany and Derek at 36. Derek with the lowest scores? Say it isn't so! Let's cut to the freestyles.

Bethany and Derek danced to the song "Revolution." She said she wants to motivate people. Mota-vators. Get it? Get it? I GOT IT. And I am so MOTA-VATED! That freestyle was incredible. Bethany looks amazing in those leather-like pants.

Sadie and Mark did a Mario Bros. themed dance. Refreshing and original, said Bruno. Super cute, said Julianne. Most memorable, said Carrie Anne. Len even called it fantastic. I guess I'm alone here but I just didn't love it. It was good. They are amazing dancers. But I don't know -- I wasn't connected or drawn in. Maybe it's because I don't like videogames.

And then we see Janel and Val. I'm in tears. Moving. Love. Flawless. Elegant. Gorgeous. That lift! WIN. WIN. WIN! If you didn't feel that ... you've got a rock instead of a heart.

AND THEN ... Witney and Alfonso. Tap dancing. His funky Fresh Prince dance. That's what it takes to win this. This is the best there is.

At this point, I'm thinking that Sadie's going home. I love that kid, but the others were just better tonight. But I was wrong. So wrong. And I'm in a state of shock that (SPOILER TIME) Bethany and Derek were eliminated. I think Duck Dynasty has a heck of a lot of fans voting.

We have to wait until tomorrow to find out who the winner is. I'm torn between Janel and Val and Witfonso. Both Val and Witney have never won before -- I'm thinking this will be the most groundbreaking finale yet.

Were you shocked that Bethany and Derek were eliminated? Who do you think should win?


Image via dancingabc/Instagram

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