'Are You the One' Recap: 'Bonus Girl' Christina Causes Major Waves With Match

are you the one christinaLast season on Are You the One? the eighth episode marked the season finale when all 20 cast members walked away with a nice chunk of the million-dollar prize. This season, maybe it's the addition of an eleventh girl, but the cast can't seem to get their act together.


Last Monday's episode marked their biggest success: six matches in the matching ceremony. Three of those were already confirmed, but the additional three marked the most the cast has ever received.

If only that improved.

Sadly, let's start from the end: this time around, there were only five confirmed matches.

With Briana and Nathan, Jasmine and Alex, Ashley and Dario, Ellie and Layton, Tyler and Brandon, Jessica and Anthony, and Alex and Garland all pairing off (Christina was the bonus girl), that means only two of those matches are true. My money's on Alex and Garland and Ashley and Dario, but it turns out that we may never find out.

First of all, the drama continues between Layton and Dario, who each want to go for Ashley. But girl's not touching Layton with a 10-foot pole. At least not while Jessica's around. And even with the "getting dumped" challenge, where the cast members had to correctly predict the answers of their partners or else risk being doused in a garbage shower, it turns out they don't really know each other all that well.

Even as Nathan and Christina were sent to the truth booth (seriously, whose double match is this girl?!) and confirmed to not be a match, their chances at money are slowly dwindling.

Next week marks their ninth chance. Let's all hope the MTV gods miraculously grant them some hints. Or else there's no prize.

Do you think Dario and Ashley are a match? Or is she with Layton?


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