Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Have an Exciting Announcement!

Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra

Whoa! Just when we thought they couldn't possibly have any more milestones to celebrate in their lives, we've just learned that Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra's new book, Conquering Chaos, will be released in March 2015, which means the upcoming year will be their most exciting yet for sure. I mean, having a baby together and finally getting married is amazing enough, but this? Who else thinks sales are totally going to skyrocket as soon as their book hits store shelves?


If their likability factor alone isn't enough to convince you it will be a hit, then just wait until you read the description:

Since Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra shared their story of teen pregnancy and adoption on the MTV's 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, they've been known for their inspiring commitment to growing up right. Between their experience placing their first daughter for adoption, and their struggle to cope with problems in their families, Catelynn and Tyler were challenged in every imaginable way. But against all odds, the childhood sweethearts rose above the dysfunction to become responsible adults whose story has inspired many others.

How did two troublemaking kids from the trailer park make it through the storm of family dysfunction, teen pregnancy, and adoption without letting go of each other? What gave them the strength to conquer the chaos of their lives and go on to become people their children could be proud of? And what really happened when the cameras weren't there?

Now, in their debut book, Catelynn and Tyler tell the story in their own words…and they leave nothing out. From the wild behavior that went down before MTV to their experiences learning and teaching about adoption, Catelynn and Tyler lay it all out on the table. Open, honest, raw, and real, Conquering Chaos is an incredible look at two young people who beat the odds and used their victories to give hope to others.

OMG. Who else can't wait to dive right into this thing? It really sounds like such a gripping and entertaining read; plus, it will offer a little more insight as to how these two manage to stay so devoted to each other despite the odds stacked against them.

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And considering the success that both Kailyn Lowry and Amber Portwood have had with their respective books, odds are good that Catelynn and Tyler will sell just as many, if not more copies.

As much as we love all of the cast members of the Teen Mom shows, I think we can agree that Catelynn and Tyler win the award for the most loved couple to ever come out of the MTV franchise. Fans won't be able to resist "getting to know them" even better by reading about their behind-the-scenes struggles and triumphs.

Are you excited to read Catelynn and Tyler's book?


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