Truth Behind Leah Calvert's 'Teen Mom 2' Departure Revealed!

Leah Calvert and baby

Who else was pretty darn shocked and bummed out last week after hearing the news that Leah Calvert quit Teen Mom 2 and will not be a part of season 6? Even though she has all sorts of drama going on in her life right now, most of us figured there was no way she'd ever kick her MTV career to the curb because of the opportunities appearing on the show has brought her way.


But while we assumed that she most likely decided to leave the show because of the divorce rumors that have plagued her over the past few weeks, it looks as though the real reason Leah isn't returning to Teen Mom 2 is much darker and more devastating.

According to RadarOnline, Leah thinks that having her life play out on TV could cause her to lose custody of her twins. A source says, "Leah's final court date is coming up, and her behavior on the show made her look really bad to the judge."

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Huh. I guess this insider definitely has a point, if what he/she is saying is true, of course. Even though something tells me the judge doesn't sit on the couch glued to episodes of Teen Mom 2, the show did paint her in a not-so-positive light, so there's definitely the chance that it could have an effect on the outcome of her case.

And since odds are good that producers would've likely squeezed every ounce of additional drama out of Leah's personal life that they possibly could, no one can really blame her for taking the big leap and choosing to live her life out of the spotlight going forward. 

If there's even the slightest bit of truth to the notion of Corey Simms actually getting full custody of Ali and Aleeah, Leah needs to do everything in her power to make sure it never happens.

Sigh. This poor woman. It can't have been easy for her to give up a career that has somewhat defined her over the years. It really is obvious that she loves her girls more than anything in the world and that she only wants what's best for them, no matter what sorts of sacrifices she has to make.

Do you think Leah will lose custody of the twins?


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