'Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons' Recap: Kourtney Kardashian Gets the Worst Gift Ever

kourtney and khloe take the hamptons

Kourtney Kardashian is having a roooooooough time this season on Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons. Tonight, Kim Kardashian and Khloe thought it would be smart to get their stressed out and pregnant sister a gift. Super-thoughtful of them right? Yeah, in theory. Except they didn't get her snuggly sleeping socks or a box of bon bons. They didn't even get her a day at some fancy-as-balls Hamptons spa. No. Instead, they invited in a shrink she met once for some "surprise" therapy to advise Kourtney about her relationship with Scott Disick. Awesome. Does it come with a gift receipt? 


Don't misunderstand me: I get that Khloe and Kim were coming from a good place (which is more than I can say ever about Kris Jenner who this week reminded viewers the world over that she is the most self-obsessed person on the planet, and this is coming from someone who writes about her life on the Internet professionally). But if you're concerned that a family member seems closed off and afraid of their emotions, you aren't going to inspire feelings of great trust by tricking them into going to a therapy session. That's manipulative and kind of cold. I know the girls all genuinely care for each other, but if I were Kourtney, my feelings would've been hurt. It's like, what? Are my problems too annoying to deal with yourselves so you're outsourcing help?

Kourtney wisely accepted the appointment and sagely pointed out that therapy is good for everyone. As a person who has been in analysis for a year, I agree with this stance. I also think it's great that Kourtney's open to talking about the stress Scott's addiction has put on her and her family. But I think this should have been a decision Kourtney came to on her own. Her family makes a big deal about how passive she is, but by springing a therapist on her, they are enabling that passivity! Better by far to be a listening ear for Kourt, earn her trust, and give her a thumbs up when she acknowledges that therapy might be the right choice for her. 

What's your stance on therapy? 


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