'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: More Proof Apollo Nida HATES Phaedra Parks

apollo nida

It was one giant hour of frustration this week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Apollo Nida made it painfully clear that he totally hates his wife Phaedra Parks. In fact, the only person who might still think they are in love is ... Apollo himself? The dude is seriously deluded. Though to be fair, he is heading off to prison and, as such, probably has a lot on his mind. Having never been to prison, I can't speculate with great accuracy what these thoughts might be, but I'll bet they involve fears regarding dropping the soap and concerns over a lack of paleo diet. 


This week, we returned to Apollo visiting his prospective divorce attorney. He seemed more on the fence about ending his marriage than he did the last time he sought out council. It seems like he's had some time to realize that with him in the clink and Phaedra on the outside, he might be SOL in terms of getting a fair deal when it comes to dividing their assets and getting the kind of custody he wants with regards to their (TOTALLY ADORABLE) kids. 

The lawyer laid the groundwork for Apollo to get back to freaking out and protecting his interests -- because that is what lawyers do. In a talking head interview, Apollo talked about his feelings for Phaedra. He said that he still loves her ... even though he hates every single thing about her. Um, Apollo? That's like me saying I love vegetables, I just hate how they taste when I put them in my mouth. 

I get that divorce is complicated. Ending a relationship (especially when there are kids involved) is always gutting. But it's clear Apollo hasn't reached a place of clarity yet when it comes to his feelings. I don't think it would be smart of him to end his marriage rashly before heading to jail. He needs to apply logic, and right now Apollo seems to have that in short supply.

What would you do if you were in Apollo's shoes?


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