'19 Kids and Counting' May Be Cancelled for Craziest Reason Ever

duggarsThey say all good things must come to an end -- and that now applies to the wildly popular 19 Kids and Counting. Apparently, some of the show's biggest haters are trying to get the Duggars off the air. Their biggest issue with the tight-knit clan: They claim the sweet as pie, pious family are big bigots and have hatched a can't-miss plan to take them down.


How will they get Jim Bob, Michelle, and their brood cancelled? They have started a petition to influence TLC to cancel one of their most successful shows of all time. If you think this is not a big deal, you are totally wrong. They have already amassed 130,000 signatures, and the petition itself claims the Duggars are guilty of the worst behavior imaginable.

For more juicy (and outrageous) details about what the Duggars are being accused of, check out our friends at FishWrapper.com.

Do you think 19 Kids & Counting should be cancelled?


Image via TLC

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