Javi Marroquin Makes Unsettling Confession About His Marriage to Kailyn

Kailyn Lowry, Javi MarroquinNo doubt Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are one of our favorite Teen Mom couples. Which is why we're getting sort of concerned with their super busy and demanding schedules. These two may be striving to get ahead in life, but Javi revealed just how little time he and Kail spend together these days, and we hope they aren't losing sight of their priorities.


After tweeting that he was starting Crossfit and had signed up for a "Tough Mudder" six months from now, a fan asked him how he found the time.

Sometimes it's the only time he gets to see Kail! Now these two are beyond busy, both going to school, raising their baby son Lincoln and big brother Isaac, co-parenting with Jo Rivera, filming for MTV, managing careers ... so it's nice they're able to find a way to spend time together and stay in shape.

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We just hope that they're making time for each other in other ways too. It's true that sometimes in relationships, you can be two ships passing in the night (or at the gym), but if you don't find a way to reconnect and stay grounded, the relationship could be doomed.

Marriages need TLC. They need attention and affection, and both partners have to make time for each other if it's going to work. Because when one person realizes they've put everything they have into making a relationship work, and the other person is happy with the status quo -- well, that's when divorces happen.

It's great that Javi and Kail are working so hard to become accomplished -- let's just hope they keep putting each other first.

Do you think Javi and Kailyn are taking on too much right now?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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