Tyler Baltierra's New Comments About Catelynn Lowell Are Just ... WHOA!

Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra

Wow. Just ... wow. Seriously you guys, after seeing a new photo that Tyler Baltierra shared of him and Catelynn Lowell, which was accompanied by the sweetest caption you'll EVER read, it's obvious that these two have a bond that only comes along once in a lifetime, if even that often. (Let's be honest, most of us simply aren't that lucky.)


It would definitely be tough to find two people their age who are more in love or committed to each other, so it's simply impossible not to look at their relationship as a true example of what real happiness is.


OMG. Can you even begin to imagine how moved Catelynn must have been after seeing Tyler's message for her?

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Not many dudes would have the guts to be so open and honest about their feelings for the mother of their child, especially when it comes to sharing comments like this on social media.

If Tyler is this candid now, we can only begin to imagine just how much emotion he's going to express when "Baby V" arrives in another couple of months. If he thinks he loves Catelynn now, just wait until he sees her with that gorgeous baby in her arms -- he'll be rendered speechless!

Are you impressed with how devoted Tyler is to Catelynn?


Image via tylerbaltierramtv/Instagram

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