'Vanderpump Rules' Recap: Kristen's Obsession With Tom Is Awkward

Vanderpump Rules

It's never easy to break up with someone, but Kristen took it to a new and infinitely creepier than ever place this week on Vanderpump Rules. Last season Kristen's paranoia, nagging, and general meanness eventually drove her and Tom apart. In truth, they should have broken up the first time Tom cheated -- their relationship was essentially already DOA. But Kristen couldn't let go. Eventually they ended things when KRISTEN admitted to sleeping with Jax -- Tom's bestie! Gross, gross, gross.

Tonight I cringed through Kristen's entire visit to the old apartment she used to share with Tom. Even though her current boy-toy is the one who encouraged her to go over to their old place and pick up the last of her things from Tom, it's clear that Kristen is SO not over Tom. I mean, she was bawling in his apartment -- in front of his new girlfriend -- telling him not to be cruel to her! IT MADE NO SENSE! 


Kristen keeps claiming that she's happy -- but her actions aren't those of a person who is walking on sunshine. Even though she's no longer with Tom, she keeps finding reasons to try and insinuate herself into his life. Tom was, all things considered, pretty gracious about Kristen's behavior. That said, I feel like a clean break is the only thing that could really start to make Kristen feel remotely better.

Obviously, in the world of Vanderpump Rules, that's not something she's going to attain easily. She and Tom still work together, they will constantly be seeing each other whether they like it or not. Kristen should honestly start looking for a new job. It might not be the 'fair' solution, but I feel like it would make her sooooo much happier. When was the last time we saw her feeling joyous on the show in a sustained way? Exhibit: Never. Plus, we all know that Lisa has it out for her. Get while the gettin' is good, girl!

What would you do in Kristen's position?


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