'Are You the One' Recap: Jenni & John Finally Confront Their Chemistry

are you the one john jenniFor the second time this season, the Are You the One? cast failed to get any matches in their end-of-episode match-up ceremony. While it may seem like good news (it clearly means that any matches that night are completely wrong), it doesn't look like they're getting any closer to nabbing that million-dollar check. But tonight, they're stepping up their game. And the results? Finally positive, for once.


Let's cut right to the chase here. These house guests have no freakin' idea what they're doing. Seriously, zero.

The day after the last failed match-up ceremony, John finally starts to go after Jenni, who, apparently, is someone he wanted "since day one." Hard to believe, but we'll give it to him.

After the girls' challenge, which saw them building Solo-cup pyramids with their mouths, eating five tubes of meat (read: hot dogs), and dipping their bodies in honey and transferring plastic balls, John and Jenni finally won their getaway date and were also later voted into the Truth Booth.

And good news, people: they're a perfect match!

Bonus part? The whole cast also gets sent on to a "Blackout Party," which apparently stands for the blackout during the previous match-up ceremony, not the copious amounts of alcohol that was served. And what else did we expect? Semi-truck party bus + a dozen 20-somethings = a serious rager.

Garland and Tyler? Yeah, that happened. And dude quickly sprinted out of the Boom Boom Room after it went down. Christina and Nathan had some steamy moments on the beach, which Brandon didn't quite appreciate. And Layton's blatant jealousy over Dario and Ashley's dancing sessions dominated the whole night.

But somehow, it all worked out. When it came time to the match-up ceremony, the cast broke down like this: Layton and Ellie, Dario and Ashley, Brandon and Tyler, Alex and Jasmine, Anthony and Briana, Garland and Jessica, and Nathan and Christina. Including the three already confirmed matches (Curtis and Shelby, John and Jenni, and Pratt and Paris), the house guests got six total perfect matches! The most they've gotten any season and finally one step in the right direction.

Who do you think are the perfect couples?


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