Leah Calvert Reveals the Truth About Jeremy With Odd Twitter Messages

Leah Calvert

Well? Now that Jeremy Calvert appears to have moved into a camper to distance himself from Leah Calvert, it was only a matter of time before she finally started giving us a little more insight as to whether or not another divorce is in her future. I mean, I know we need to respect her privacy and all, but she is a reality TV star, so duh -- her fans are curious as to what is really going on.


And while up until now, she's tried to make it look like things are perfectly fine between her and Jeremy, her tune clearly seems to be changing, at least based on some of her more recent Twitter posts.

Like this little gem, for example.

Hmm. "Never meant to grow in ..." huh?

Ummmm. She's home alone with the baby? Where's Jeremy? (Duh. Out back in the camper.)

So she needs thoughts and prayers. Got it. And it's probably safe to assume this special someone is not her loving hubby.

But you know what's really strange? She seems kind of at peace with whatever course her life is taking, even if it does inevitably lead to a divorce from Jeremy.

Even though every marriage has its ups and downs, it's pretty clear that Jeremy has major trust issues with Leah, which doesn't bode well for their future. (Like at all.)

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How are they ever supposed to patch things up and move forward if neither one of them can count on the other?!?

Sorry. I hate to be a big pessimist, but at this point, it'll be a major shocker if Leah and Jeremy aren't officially separated and headed for a split by the end of the year. (Sad but true.)

Do you think Leah's tweets mean she and Jeremy are over?


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