'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kenya Moore Deserves a HUGE Apology!

kenya moore

Kenya Moore, let me, for the recapping and hater-filled world at large, take a minute at the top of this recap to admit something that Apollo Nida still can't seem to: I am SO SORRY that we all fell for that dude's lies and tore you down. That was uncool, unclassy, and some pretty major woman-on-woman crime. I'm sorry, lady! As for Apollo, well, if extra time could be added to a sentence for douche-baggery, we don't doubt it would be tacked on by any judge who saw tonight's episode. 


I can understand that, going to jail and being booted to the curb by his wife, Apollo would want to mend fences wherever he can. Eight years in jail is a long time! But maybe he should have started this mission at home instead of at a party. Apollo's grand plan -- to apologize to Kenya for telling everyone she offered him a beej -- totally backfired! And I couldn't have been more pleased for all parties involved.

Normally I can find Kenya's attitude a little grating. If you apologize to her, that's often not good enough: She wants you to beeeeeg and to grovel. Tonight was one opportunity where this behavior was totally merited. Apollo wouldn't really say what he was apologizing for. It was one of those lame "if I ever offended you, sorry" apologies. The woman didn't back down: She insisted he be SPECIFIC.

When he GOT specific, he expected to be patted on the back for opening up. But guess what, Apollo? It's been THREE YEARS! And all of your buddies like Kandi and Peter and Todd have been treating Kenya LIKE GARBAGE BECAUSE YOU LIED. Kandi put it well: There's no one way any of them can look at you the same way, because you made THEM look like jerks too. In hindsight, Kenya might be one of the braver housewives. Coming back to the show year after year in spite of these nasty rumors? That takes balls. You TWIRL GIRL! You've earned it.

Are you still anti-Kenya?


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