'Dancing With the Stars' Might Lose Alfonso After Another Injury

alfonso witney dwtsThere is a bit of bad news for Team Witfonso this weekend -- Alfonso Ribeiro injured himself while practicing this weekend and things are looking iffy for the finalist and his partner Witney Carson. Say it isn't so! I have these two pegged for the final two -- the chemisty, the showmanship, the dancing! He trying his hardest to be better and even his wife who is pregnant with their second child has been going to rehearsals to help massage his back. Wow.


Some guys have all the luck, right? I mean, I'm not happy he's hurting and his Mirrorball chances are in question but he's got a gorgeous dancing partner, danced the crazy sexy with two women last week, and has a beautiful wife who rushes to his side to help massage his pain away. Yeah. This guy has got it all with or without a Mirrorball trophy. 

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But still ... we don't want him out due to an injury. Alfonso tweeted that he needs some well wishes:


We are praying. As fans know, Alfonso has had a bit of trouble with his back and his hip during this season. Wit also was injured. This goes with the tough territory of dancing of course -- it's sort of a contact sport. But this time, this injury, seems a bit more concerning. Wit posted today that her partner is better but still in pain.

Okay, Team Witfonso. We need some major healing vibes sent their way. Ready now? Go!

Do you think Alfonso will be well enough to perform on Monday?


Image via Alfonso Ribeiro/Twitter

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