‘Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Daryl & Carol Take On a Scary Mission (VIDEO)

Walking Dead spoilers Carol Daryl

Was anyone else underwhelmed by last week’s Walking Dead? And the episode before that, too? Boy, I hope they pull out of this tailspin soon because it’s bumming me out. I know it’s impossible to match the pacing and intensity of the premiere each week, but we’ve dropped in quality a LOT, in my opinion. I’m crossing my fingers this week’s show, “Consumed,” regains some much-needed momentum, and it looks like at least some of the episode will focus on Daryl and Carol. If you’re all caught up and not worried about the bad kind of spoilers, check out the good kind of spoilers — in the form of a sneak peek video — for tomorrow’s show.


Here’s the official synopsis: “Stakes are high when members of the group must go on a heroic rescue mission in a previously known location." Ooh, a previously known location? Interesting.

Check out AMC’s sneak peek video:

So that scene looks like it’s picking up where we left off a few episodes ago, when Carol and Daryl jumped in the car to chase down that other vehicle, the one that had a white cross in the back like the one that took Beth.

Also, how great is Carol? “We can end this quick, just run him off the road.” Hell yeah. BURN THEM ALL, RIGHT CAROL?

Also, that squashed zombie head. Ew.

Norman Reedus did an interview during the summer when he said this about his favorite scene to film from this season:

There’s a whole episode that’s sort of specific to my character and to another person’s character. There’s some scenes in that that are so large in scale that it just felt so epic ... it’s pretty mind blowing.

He was, apparently, talking about this week’s episode. So that’s cool. As for how Carol ended up injured and being brought into that awful hospital from last week’s show, filming spoilers hint that she and Daryl get in an accident on a bridge, so maybe she was hit by the car they were chasing or something else bad happened. Maybe the cross-car people are affiliated with the hospital, and that’s the “previously known location” the synopsis references.

Hopefully Daryl busts Carol and Beth out of that hospital, maybe by hooking up with Noah, the guy who escaped when Beth was re-captured. Whatever happens, let’s hope Sunday’s show is better than the last couple have been!

What do you think is going to happen tomorrow in “Consumed”?

Image via AMC

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