Jenelle Evans' Latest Photo of Baby Kaiser Is Just Plain Weird!


Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans just can't seem to help herself. Even though she's totally turned herself around from being a drug-using party animal to a doting girlfriend and mother, it's obvious she still loves the drama. Why else would the Teen Mom 2 star keep posting weird pictures of her baby son Kaiser?


Jenelle posted this one to Twitter on Friday morning, and although it's adorable, it had most of us scratching our heads.

Why in the world is she holding her baby in the front seat of her car? Like one commenter said, "So you just chill in the car with a sleeping baby in your arms? Makes sense..."

It makes no sense!

Some people were wondering if her boyfriend and baby daddy Nathan Griffith had kicked her out, but considering as I'm pretty sure it's her house, he'd have to be the one to do the leaving. Besides, these two seem totally in love and more solid than ever.

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I'm guessing the real reason she posted that pic is because she likes to start a little controversy. Let's just hope she buckles Kaiser into his carseat correctly before she decides to go anywhere.

Do you think it's weird to hang out with her baby in the front seat of the car?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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