Mama June's Arrest for Not Paying Child Support Is Latest Sad Skeleton to Emerge

Mama JuneUgh, the more that comes out about Mama June and her sordid past, I really cannot believe she was on a somewhat "wholesome" family-oriented reality TV show. Yesterday we told you how Mama June told Dr. Phil that the picture of her with her alleged sex offender boyfriend Mark McDaniel was fake. Today, TMZ is reporting that Mama June was arrested in 2003 for not paying child support!


Apparently, one year after her daughter Anna (aka Chickadee) was reportedly molested by McDaniel, Mama June's mother Sandra Hale was named Anna's guardian. The terms of the guardianship stated that Mama June had to pay $100 a month in child support. She never did, because in 2009 (yes, six years later), the Henry County DA filed criminal contempt charges against Mama June, saying she was $4,144.62 behind in her payments! A mug shot was taken, but three months later, the charges were dropped. We assume it's because Mama June finally paid up, but what in the world took her so long?

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Here's the thing that I just can't get out of my head -- did Mama June really think her past was never going to catch up with her? Or has she just been waiting for it all to come out? She was on a huge phenomenon of a reality show -- nothing ever stays buried. Now I'm sure there are a lot of details that we do not know. I'm sure Mama June loves her children and could never have fathomed this was all going to come crashing down around her, as I'm sure in 2009, she didn't think she would ever become so famous. Not an excuse at all, but I'm just trying to figure out what kind of hold McDaniel has over her that she would put her children in danger? And things must have been a LOT worse than she is willing to admit now if she had lost custody of Anna.

Mama June, if you're reading, I think you need some intensive, OFF-CAMERA sessions with Dr. Phil (or any therapist, really) and a long, if not permanent, break from TV of all kinds. Repair your relationships with your children. Take a long, hard look at your past. And start figuring out how to learn and grow from all this and become a better person for the post-reality TV part of your life.

What do you think of this latest Mama June revelation?

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