Kailyn Lowry's Plans for Baby #3 Aren't What We Expected

Kailyn LowryRemember not too long ago when rumors started swirling that Kailyn Lowry was expecting her third child? Isaac started telling everyone at his school that he was getting a baby sister, but it turned out to be nothing more than a case of a little kid getting carried away with the idea of adding another sibling into the mix. Our hopes and dreams for another mini-Kail or Javi Marroquin were quickly dashed.


And now that Kail decided to drop another bomb about her plans to expand her family, we probably shouldn't go putting her on bump watch for at least another few years or so.

Yep. She uses the Mirena IUD as her form of birth control. Which means she doesn't plan on having any more kids for a good five years, given how long it lasts after you put it in.

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I mean, why would she bother getting the damn thing if she had any intention of conceiving in the near future? From what I've heard, it's kind of a bitch of an experience for the doctor to put in, so I doubt Kailyn would go through the process unless she's totally sure that a third child is out of the question for the time being. For whatever reason, I always assumed she'd give Isaac and Lincoln a baby brother or sister in the next year or two, but apparently that's not the plan (at least for now).

And while we can totally respect her wanting to finish school and give it some time before having another kiddo, selfishly we hope she doesn't wait too long. Her babies are just way too adorable for her not to grace the Earth with another one!

Do you think it's smart for Kailyn to wait a while before having another baby?


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