Juan Pablo Fires Back at Nikki Ferrell After Breakup Confession

Juan Pablo Galavis Nikki Ferrell

Ugh. Just when we thought Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis' split couldn't possibly get any more pathetic, he managed to come up with the perfect rebuttal to Nikki's confession of why, exactly, things didn't work out between them. Now we don't know whether to pity him or loathe him even more.

In a new interview with Life & Style, we learned that Juan Pabs and Nikki essentially broke up via text message (classy), with her admitting that neither one of them was willing to make the necessary compromises to take their relationship to the next level.


And while Nikki insists that the two of them still love each other, it's clear that she was very hurt by the way things ended and basically thinks the time they spent together was all for nothing. (You know, given that little Instagram post she shared about wasting her time on a certain "someone.")

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But apparently Juan Pabs either a.) disagrees with Nikki's perception of the relationship, or b.) is doing everything in his power to save what's left of his scarred reputation.

Get a load of his latest Twitter post, which is no doubt intended to paint him in a more positive light.

Um ... dating Nikki and appearing on Couple's Therapy to "try and save their relationship" was a "learning experience"?

What exactly did he learn? That telling a girl you "like her a lot" and then stringing her along for months on end leading her to believe you'd eventually fall in love with her and pop the question is a successful way to woo her?

Oh, and then he went and threw in this little gem, in reference to some ring he bought for Nikki. (Obviously not an engagement ring.)

Ah, yes. There's the Juan Pablo we all know and can't stand. Instead of leaving his comments at the whole "learning experience" bit, he had to go and make himself look like some sort of hero for giving his girlfriend a gift. (Isn't that kind of what you're supposed to do when you're seriously dating someone? Gah.)

I'm at a loss, here. But you know what's really mind blowing? Some chick out there is going to feel totally sorry for him in the wake of this split and will truly believe she's the one who can change him and finally make him settle down.

Good luck, honey. You're certainly gonna need it.

Are you on Team Juan Pablo or Team Nikki?


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